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May 2015


Jack of all Dreams, Master of None
Upstate New York, USA

I'm a recently retired computer tech. In recent times I've focused on working in wood, but since my early childhood days I've a been a scale modeler, a tinker at heart. I've been a life-long cyclist, dreamer, wanna-be writer and poet. My mind has always created checks my body and skillsets can't cash. Upbringing and lifestyle have created a frugal mindset driven by a MacGyver-like ego.

I prefer to use reclaimed lumber, whether it be barn wood, deconstructed materials, or better quality pallets and crates. I'll incorporate whatever materials I have on hand or can find into my creations. Waste not, want not. Make it live again.

-- --- Paul: jack of all dreams, master of none

Candy Jar Rack - Prototype - Woodworking Project by retired_guru_tech

Candy Jar Rack - Prototype

We have four Anchor-Hocking Candy Jars that we use for snacks. I found a set of plans for a...

Rolling 'Ammo Box' Storage Unit - Woodworking Project by retired_guru_tech

Rolling 'Ammo Box' Storage Unit

My one and only grandkid turned 13 this month. For his birthday I made him a catch-all storage...

Desktop Accessories Center - Woodworking Project by retired_guru_tech

Desktop Accessories Center

This desktop center is made from white oak, finished in shellac, and steel wool buffed with paste...

Large Plant Floor Stand - Woodworking Project by retired_guru_tech

Large Plant Floor Stand

A little late for a Christmas present, the almost-finished stand for one of the wife’s floor...

Woodworking on a Half-Shoestring #6: Creamer and Sugar Bowl Carrier - Build Progress

With the workshop mostly reorganized, I’ve started to get at projects already started and on my To-Do list. A simple project I had been putting off was a small carrier for our Nortake creamer and sugar bowl set. The design is similar to the one...

Woodworking on a Half-Shoestring #5: Powertec USA - USPS Resolved

I received adequate correspondence and expedient crediting to find no need to keep the original post on record. I’m still annoyed that neither Powertec or the USPS are accepting blame in this matter. I’ll leave it at that.

Woodworking on a Half-Shoestring #4: Seeds for Insanity: Sorting Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Washers...

Much time has past since my last post here, too much time and change, both in my life and in my workshop, to go back and bring everyone up to date. Last summer I felt recovered enough to where I felt getting back to my old life was mostly...

Woodworking on a Half-Shoestring #3: Making Progress: Breathe..

A couple of weeks ago I said good-bye to my Hitachi C10FL hybrid contractor saw. It had served me well, but a move in the near future makes it opportune to sell it now, replacing it with a lighter, portable jobsite saw. I’ve had the DeWalt...