Sketching + Drawing Furniture

There is an established process to designing furniture. Furniture can range from a standalone cabinet to a chair. It begins with a sketch of a furniture design or furniture concept you have in mind. The sketch evolves into a series of drawings and ult

Furniture Design Simplified

I offer a furniture design course (class) that breaks the design process down into bite-sized pieces. Furniture design can appear intimidating. Separate the process into individual steps and it becomes feasible. Furniture can range from a standalone c

Kumiko Course

I have been immersing myself into the world of Kumiko lately. The intricate patterns or motifs draw you in where the possibilities are endless to the application of the panels in furniture. An interesting fact is how Kumiko is a traditional Japanese f

Hand Tool Book (new)

I have been busy writing my latest book in the past weeks. It is dedicated to hand tools and techniques to use them. Over the years, I have shifted to hand tools in my furniture studio. Although I continue to use machines to process wood from rough to

Makers and Furniture

Not long ago, woodworking was considered to be in a downward spiral with diminishing followers and practitioners. Pundits were proclaiming the demise of woodworking as a hobby. Fewer young people were taking up woodworking and interest in building the