WIP - that didn’t take long

Well, here I am, just a couple of weeks into my return tony craft of  #crochet and I already have the “more than one project in the go”. So here’s my excuse: I was progressing along on my afghan, comfortable in the process but not really feeling it,

WIP: Remembering Tunisian

With my first crochet project in years completed, it is now time to try and remember how to do #TunisianCrochet “in the round”. Yesterday morning was all about experimenting and ripping out stitches and doing over. There were a lot of trials!! I reme

WIP: Tunisian Afghan

[gnomes.jpeg] Last year, I didn’t do any decorating for Christmas. This year, I purchased a new tree (CanadianTire.ca) and, then, found some gnomes at Costco that matched beautifully. Although I hadn’t crocheted in years (I don’t know how that happ

2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back

As I make my way back into the crocheting world, I find myself doing a lot of FROGGING, ripping out rows and rows of stitches, rectifying problems and changing my mind on designs. Rip-Rip-Rip [Rip It Out; Rip It Out; Rip-Rip-RIp ... and do over!] Th