Waffle Stitch Hat

This is my version of the Waffle Stitch Hat. My first one was TOO SMALL so I ripped it out and re-did it. My second one, posted here, was TOO BIG but I kept it anyway. I've adapted my plan and this third one was JUST RIGHT! “I feel like GOLDILOCKS!

Learning Curve: Connected DC

When making my "Basic Hat" I decided to use DC (double #crochet) stitches to speed up the process. My goal is to make 12 hats for my guests at our Christmas dinner.  On their own, DC stitches don't really create a very warm product, as there are big

Learning Curve: Crochet Rings

As part of my “12 things for Christmas", I decided to make some crocheted #jewelry - rings, to be specific I searched some designs and decided on a basic design, to get things started. BASIC:  SOURCE • Chain 15 or 16 (depending on your desired siz

Learning Curve: Tunisian Corners (afghan)

Disclaimer: this may not be the right way to do #Tunisian corners for “in the round” but it is how I do them and, if I am consistent, it will look okay in the end. (That is my real tutorial lesson) Let’s begin with a picture of the corner I am workin

Learning Curve: Flat Stitch (Tunisian Crochet)

Finding my way back into the world of #TunisianCrochet I discovered a project that used what they called a “flat stitch”. I don’t remember ever reading about this stitch before but I do like how it looks. [6F242E42-752E-47FE-BD5A-0CC296B03C7C.png]

Learning Curve: Afghan Edge

Having been away from crocheting for a few years, the learning curve to remember the tips & tricks is very frustrating.  I had previously documented my techniques but two computers later, they are all gone.  So, it’s time for a refresher course for me