Mahogany End Table

Mahogany End Table
Mahogany End Table
Mahogany End Table
Mahogany End Table
Mahogany End Table

I made this Shaker Style End Table in Mahogany, the legs are sap wood Mahogany.
The wood was processed by hand tools, tenons made by skew rabbeting plane, mortises by chisel, legs tapered by hand plane and underside of top beveled with hand plane.
Things I wish I had done differently: wish the long aprons were about 2" shorter and wish the legs were tapered on two edges instead of one.

Here are a couple of others pics during the build:

Edit: I forgot to say that the finish is one coat Danish Oil, then several coats of Liberon wipe on poly.


You’re being fussy but the àprons might have been tighter…still beautiful. Very impressive tapering the legs by hand. And…it looks great.

-- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

Every time I see a project made with hand tools I feel impressed.

I agree with your assessment about the taper and aprons. But in all honesty it looks good as is. The proportions are there.

Well done.

I like to see the “monster” bench being used:)

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Thanks the the kind words, they are appreciated.

In respect to the apron length, I meant to make the length shorter so that I could make the bevel under the top more sloped. Which would have given the top a more elegant design look IMHO. So the bevel is shorter than what I wanted.

That makes sense. It still looks better than you think it does… :^)

-- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

Very nice , mahogany has such a nice look when finished . I’m impressed with the use of hand tools .


Nice work Pat, looks perfect to me.


Thanks guys.

Bruce, Mahogany is one of my favorite woods to work with, especially love the ribbon grain. And how the wood will darken naturally as the years go by.

And tapering the legs by hand in my opinion is easier than using power tools. Normally, I will use a hand saw to cut away most of the waste. Then use the jack plane to get close to my line, then the jointer plane and then one or two passes with the smoothing plane and done. On this table I just used all hand planes on the legs.

Nice! I have a couple of 12/4 × 5′ chunks of mahogany just waiting for the right project, yours is gorgeous!

Steve Tow

Thanks Steve.
I am in the middle of building another Mahogany Shaker Table right now, just added another post. The new table should look better than this one I hope.

Good build,nice table.

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