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Trestle Table

My daughter asked if I would build her a dining table. We agreed on a Trestle Table design using plans from PW magazine. I used Port Orford Cedar for all the wood. The rough sawn lumber was dimensioned to size using power tools and all joinery was completed using hand tools. All joints were draw bored and wedged tenon joints which are bullet proof.

At some point my daughter asked me to modified the basic design with elements she saw on other websites. I refused to install the full x bracing she wanted on the legs, hence why there is only half of the x bracing. They are ornamental only and provide no structural support. I also had to add bread board ends, my first time doing so. It was a good learning experience

The mortises in the bread boards were hand chiseled. During that process, I somehow broke off a chunk of the mortise chisel handle. A quick call to LN to order a new handle and the rep informed me that they were sending me a replacement handle at no charge. And that is why I will always buy tools from LN. This is not the first time they have stood by their products with me. Kudos to LN, you rock!

The table will be delivered next Friday, woohoo!


Much talent and thought went into this: from the mortise & tenons (the respect for and execution of the craft) to the breadboard edge… the consideration for wood movement (longevity) – there is much here. LN is a quality company – there history speaks to their commitment, as well – I’m in the market for a #7 jointer plane, and they make a good one.

An interesting design feature of trestle tables is they are virtually self-bracing… the way you did the work. A good design, well-executed often reduces the need for mechanical compensators – the cross-bracing provided by a full x bracing. On my furniture I try to design-in a solid structure, so that there is no single element obviously employed to make the structure sound.

Beautiful Work.
Do Take Care.

I fail to understand why additional members haven’t commented, complimented your work – you deserve better.


-- Wheaties

Super looking table well done Pat.

-- woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

Thanks guys.

MJCD, I have the LN #8 Jointer and it is a joy to use. Good luck on whichever jointer you acquire.

Great build Pat, immure he loved it.

-- Jack

Beautiful table. I love cedar. Painting the legs really compliments that rich top

-- Losing fingers since 1969

Thanks guys, we delivered it over the weekend and it fits her room perfectly. My daughter absolutely loves the table.