Box with 3D marquetry # 4: The box is finished.

Hello, I show you now a few pictures of the finished box. It was ordered from me. It is a gift for the golden wedding. Therefore, I have a few gold pieces.

Box with 3D marquetry # 4: Fill pores is completed. My camera flies over the floating letters.

Hello, Before I start with the French polish I will show you beautiful images in the video without commentary and uncut.

Box with 3D marquetry # 3: Beginning French polish

Hello, I begin with the French Polish. 1. Fill the pores. The close-ups show detail. The pores are clearly visible. pumice 1 times filled pores.

In another dimension

Hello, I wanted to do something different. An image with a 3D marquetry. The final image This image has inspired me. Print and prepare the subject Transferred to transparent tracing paper. Transferred mirror inverted on the...


Hello friends, I may use the images of an artist, Eka Peraze, as templates for my marquetry. I will show you the steps of the production of the 3D marquetry. Original paintings printed on foil and enlarged with projector. on Paper ...

box with 3D marquetry #1: Asking subject and manufacture of marquetry.

Hello, I have a job. Build a box and the lid veneer two letters. The letters should float above the surface. The box has a simple construction. The focus is the marquetry on the lid. My sketch is not good. It shows about how the box should...

Box with 3D marquetrie #2: Construction of the box and veneering of parts.

Hello, I work without machine only with hand tools. I will show you some pictures of the construction of the box and the veneer of the parts. Part 3, the box still gets a shellac polish and a base. The miter saw I freehand on the lines. ...