Power feeder

Best power feeder for a shaper, is there a better one? Brand? Number of wheels or track? Or all they just all the same?

Powermatic Band Saw Light Modification

Stock, the 14" Powermatic band saw light must bend from behind the machine to the front. Doing so really stresses the goose-neck supporting the light. Even when adjusted, it never seems positioned quite right for a good view of the cut. Too, the light always has to be moved to drop with the Cater Tension Release, or when you open the door to swap blades. I drilled and tapped the cast you raise and lower to adjust for cutting different thicknesses of wood. To avoid going into the iron on...

Powermatic Band Saw Extension Table

I’ve made several 30” circles using my circle cutting jig. Each time, it’s been a struggle holding the right side of the jig, with the material on it, flush with the table. I thought about making a cart, but that seemed like a lot of material, and space. I thought I’d gamble and see if I could make something which didn’t require a cart, or additional supports from the bottom of the table to the band saw base. This is what I came up with and it seems to be working fine. 1) First, I cut a...

Favorite Power Tools Brand?

What’s your favorite power tools brand and why?

What's Your Favorite Power Tool?

So, what’s your favorite power tool? Mine, the router. It’s SO versatile. My second favorite tool? The drill. If I could have only two power tools, they would be the router and the drill. How about y’all? Happy Wooding!

Just learning

I am new to this… Have not-so-hot power tools… Trying to learn about homemade jigs…

Porter Cable 5" Random Orbit Sander

Been wanting an electric orbital sander for a while, as I’ve been using my air powered auto body sander for years now. Has done a good job, but the small compressor, in the hangar, runs and runs. Figured I’ve spent as much on electricity as the sander would cost, so I took the plunge yesterday. Picked it up at Lowes, for $49.97. Yesterday, I gave it a shot on the inner surfaces of the sides of my latest Wedding Card/Keep Sake box. I’m impressed. The sander is easy to grip and doesn’t...

Saw Stop Fence

I have had a PCS 52" 3hp Saw stop for almost 4 years now. I recently helped a guy put his new powermatic together….while it does not have the saftey benefits, I must say, the fence and miter guage are truly superior to Saw Stop. I heard yesterday that Saw stop has an upgrade fence available now? Anyone know anything about it? It is mentioned on the website but I can not find it any where. Will it fit a PCS? How do I find a price? Is it truly better? I thought I might try our brain...

Am I weird?

I just got back from vacation, and I just wanted to go into my shop and touch my tools. I haven’t touched a power tool in 7days!!

First posting here

Retired, well mostly. I am a relative newcomer to woodworking, started maybe seven or so years ago. I live in the Northeast and have all my life. I am a hand tool user primarily, using power tools to do the initial dimensioning. I just finished this bench I work out of two chests for the most part Currently I’m working on a set of night stands of my own design.

Never seen one of these?

To my amazement I watched this short video on Twitter and saw a tool that I never saw before. It is a Makita grooving tool used by timber workers. Kind of like a power plane with a dado blade in it. Just when I thought I’ve seen it all. Go figure. Eh. Here is the link to the video and a pic of the tool to. http://thecarpentryway.blogspot.ca/2015/02/gateway-48.html

Hi I'm Andy

__I have been doing woodworking as a hobby since 1987. I have never been able to commit more than a few hours at a time to the projects I have done. I have all the power tools but my passion has become working with hand tools. That I find and restore.

This pretty much sums me up

I love all forms of woodworking and I practice as many as I can. I have yet to master any of them and I don’t expect to either. I enjoy using both hand tools and power tools and I’m not against computer controlled tools though I don’t have any. Most of my projects are small like turnings, boxes, etc., but I like to make something big occasionally. My interest in others work is not always motivated by how well a project is done. I just let my heart lead the way. That said, I do very much...

New bench in the works...

and I have a question for our resident shipwright and master of all things wedges. Paul, I was going to send you a PM but thought this might be a discussion others could benefit from. I am designing a new bench. I saw your wedge powered wagon vices and the V8 leg vice and decided those are what I want in the new bench. I love the ease of use, the quick release, the low cost, and the idea of something so simple and ?unindustrialised? if that makes sense. Getting the same wood you used would...

Learning wood carving online

Hi Freinds I’ve had some long-term projects that have been sitting on a shelf for a long time and I decided to get them down and try and complete them.The reason I’ve put off completing these projects is they have lots of carving on them and having used a power carver on them, ( by my estimation they have turned out pretty well given I’ve only had one other small carving project before.Getting back to my point ,even though I thought the carving I had done turned out very well,they still...

The Story of the Defective Switch and My Attempt to Return It to Peachtree

I was at the Woodworking Show in West Springfield this past weekend. I was looking for a large paddle switch to turn off my table saw. Peachtree has always been my “go to” company for things like this. So I purchased a Fulton Power Tool Switch from them for $25. I got it home and began the very simple set up but when I tried to use the large paddle to turn off the machine, it worked only intermittently… maybe once every 10 pushes! This is not only defective but could be outright dangerous....


Hi all, I’ve just joined the group but must confess I’m no carpenter by far. My background was a roofer and now I’m a minister of religion , yes a higher calling now ;-) The reason I’m excited about starting up and learning again some woodwork skills is my son 12 years of age has recently informed me that this year for Christmas he wants power tools and a woodwork bench to start a new hobby. So I’ve made room in the garage and plan to build with him a bench to start of. Thanks to someone on...

Again With the Gloating

I just bought the two of these for $250.00. A guy, who owned a box making factory, gave these and a 38” thickness sander to the local junk yard. A friend beat me to the thickness sander [and that’s how I learned about these (now I have to help him install a 240 outlet for his sander)]. The only things wrong with the Powermatic 13 was a dented fan cover and bassackwards assembly. The thing is tip prone, which could be done with finger pressure, since they mounted the stand wrong. I...

Rust accumulation

How do you guys keep rust from accumulating on your handtools? I’ve been tuning my hand planes, stick them in a cabinet and I t seems like in no time rust stars forming on the sole. The cabinet is open to the rest of the garage, so it doesn’t really protect them. I’ve tried oiling and wax with limited success. I have a similar problem with my power tools. I wax them, but it seems like an ongoing battle. Thanks, Mike

Workbench to give away to a good home.

With finally moving up from the Stone Age and purchasing a new table saw, my old bench/saw is available to anyone that wants it for free. It has a 10" skillsaw table saw built in. It is 4’ wide, 6’ long and 37" high. It is made from 2×4 s and plywood. It has a bottom shelf, and recess for a compound powered mitre saw, and a recess for a router. It is fairly heavy, 200lbs plus. Anyone wanting a bench with saw built in can have it.