Which to buy first?

Hello all, I am slowly building up by tools and have been watching video’s of a Jointer/Planer and a Thickness Planer. Which do you buy first? I keep thinking the Thickness Planer, but then I can’t straighten boards – if I get the Jointer/Planer, I can’t get all of the boards to the same level. I’m working with pallet wood and we all know that there are no two boards the same. Any advice would be appreciated.

Resawing with TS

I’m starting my very first woodworking project over the weekend. I’ll be building a cantilevered 3-tier sewing box for the wife. There will also be a drawer in the bottom portion. I have 4/4 KD rough cut ash in the shop now for the boxes. The hinge levers and handle will probably be walnut. Couple of questions…First, I’ll run it through the jointer and planer to square it up, then when I resaw it close to finish thickness (probably 1/2"-5/8") should I cut some off of each side? Or, should...

Record PT260 Planer Thicknesser

Having looked at various machines, I am very interested in a Record PT260. I was wondering if any members within reasonable distance of Birmingham (UK) have one of these machines and would be willing to have a chat and possibly show me how they operate it?? Many thanks Malcolm