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BabyLock Sewing Machine

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I was in need of a new machine after the motor in my well used Husquvarna sewing machine packed it in. I did some research and have been very happy with this BabyLock. I can sew any type of material from leather to the finest chiffons and the machine will automatically adjust tensions. It has been put through a lot of paces over the last few years and has given me no problems at all. There are lots of embroidery stitches included in the machine and sewing a buttonhole is the easier I’ve ever had on a machine. One of my favourite features is the self threading needle!


Ok, what?!! A self-threading needle

And it will see leather????

Dang – that is an amazing machine. Definitely puts my 40-year-old Singer to shame

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Yes it beats my previous sewing machines. I learnt on my Mother’s Singer treadle machine (many decades ago!) – these workhorse machines are still going. The BabyLock though is the most versatile machine I’ve had so far.


Nice! My wife has a Destiny model…and about 4 other sewing machines, and a serger. One of my friends just gave her a little “portable” Spartan. As if she needed another sewing machine!

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Lucky wife! The Destiny is a beautiful machine!