Wood river Spindle sander

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My favorite tool I have is this lowly Wood River spindle sander from Woodcraft. It has a very effective dust port for a vacuum so it does not make a mess. It came with 6 different sized spindles, from a 3 inch down to a 3/4 inch. I have arthritis in my fingers, my hands, my wrists, elbows, and shoulders so this thing has been a life saver for me. So easy to make curls and curves, I would suggest this tool for everyone.


One of those things you didn’t know how badly you needed it until you had it. After owning it, you’d replace it in a heartbeat, if it died.

Thank you Jim. MsDebbie simply remove the nut on top of the shaft, slide the current drum off, put the other size on and tighten the nut back. It can be changed in a of couple of minutes. Also comes with with matching throat plates matching the drum sizes and a supply of sanding sleeves. Thank you MsDebbie.


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