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shipwright Chevalet de Marqueterie

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My chevalet allows me to cut marquetry that I could not dream of cutting with any other tool, and yes, I’ve tried. I built my first two in 2011, one for my home in B.C. and one for my winter home in Az. Since then I’ve built about fifteen more give or take a couple and have had the privilege of introducing over twenty students to its use.

This tool was perfected by the masters of French marquetry over two hundred years ago and it’s still the finest one available for the task IMHO.

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I’ve always been fascinated by the chevalet (since you introduced us to it). I don’t have the patience, skill, and eyesight for such work, but I admire the marquetry that a skilled artisan such as you can accomplish on this old marvel of a machine.


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You get really intricate cuts with the chevalet. One of these days, I’ll get to take your class. I can’t imagine getting such detail with the scroll saw.


I speak English, Danish and French and still have no idea how it works. But it still seems to.
Good on you Mate. Oh I forgot Australian.


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You mean my a craftsman jig saw couldn’t do the same thing? ?

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Art being the representation or replication of something that is beautiful or meaningful, describes the craftsmanship of the chevalet itself. The beauty of the marquetry that you create with it is somewhere beyond.


So cool, I gotta try one of these! Someday! Beautiful!