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Hand crafted lettering on new craft logos

It seems like it takes time to translate my vision into the website design. Plus I might be a perfectionist :) The advantage is that I am persistent until it feels right to me. What did I still miss? A touch of warmth, clear focus on the traditional craft and craft navigation. That, plus I got inspired by one authentic hand crafted lettering.

Here are the four craft logos that are now boldly present on each section of the Craftisian:

You can see all the changes by browsing through your projects and the rest of the website.

How does it feel to you?

-- Martin Sojka, https://craftisian.com

Beautiful Martin. Perfect!

-- Anna

Two Thumbs Up!

-- --- Paul: jack of all dreams, master of none

I really like it Martin, nice job.

-- Jack

Looks great.

-- Daba