My Roubo Bench Journey #5: Flattening, seems like for ever...

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Nothing special here, just using the Jack and Jointer across, at an angle and finally with the grain to get the top flattened:

Also used an old #4 Stanley smoother to smooth out the top (no pics) before I flipped the beam over to start flattening out the bottom, this is going to take a while:

I got tired, so I took a break to go to the store to pick up a new rod to match up with the new reel that came in today for Salmon fishing on the river:

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Thanks, it is 6" thick, 6’ long and just under 24" wide. The real fun comes when it is time to hog out the leg mortises :0)

Wow that is a thick top! Kind of makes the top on the bench I just posted look small. I agree, it is hard work flattening a bench top.

-- Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

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