My Roubo Bench Journey #26: My Half Built Workbench in Action

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I stopped working on the Roubo so I could make a shelf assy for underneath my wife’s Quilt Sewing Table. I used common Pine from the BORG and decided to build the shelf using dovetails for two reasons. One, I haven’t made anything with Dovetails in a couple of years and two, I have an upcoming bookcase project that will require lots of dovetails. I figured I needed the practice and I got to test drive the workbench.

The workbench was awesome in use. Hand planing took some getting used since my last workbench was so high, I had gotten use to hand planing at that height. It was so easy to hold and/or clamp the assy while working on it, the design of the Roubo really shined in this aspect of use. I can’t wait to finish it and then build a Moxon Vise as well as other appliances. Here are some in action photos:

Now I just have to paint it white and call it done.

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Well I went back down to the river and fished for a couple of hours this afternoon. I I didn’t get any, but the two guys next to me, both landed nice Steelhead. Going back down in the morning :0)

I wish I could fish as much as you. I could I suppose go ice shack fishing. I’m not a fan of smelts but it is fun. I wouldn’t be building if I could fish trout year round here.

-- CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!

I bought Douglas Fir for the whole bench. Not exactly sure when I will start cutting the long stretchers. I was fishing this morning and expect to go back to the river this afternoon. And I am going out to put the first of two finish coats of paint on the shelf unit today. So maybe tomorrow or early next week. If I wasn’t fishing, I would have had it done already :0)

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