My Roubo Bench Journey #33: 2 Posts in 1 Day...WTS? (What The Schwarz)

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So in Blog Post #31, I lament about the leg vise wood chop moving and how I did not want to install a parallel guide to fix that issue. While purusing thru Chris Schwarz’s “The Workbench Design Book”, page 249, talks about a woodworker who doesn’t use a parallel guide on his bench. The guy says he left the wood chop long so that it would not swing from side to side. Funny thing is that is exactly what I decided earlier today when I was rough cutting the boards for my leg vise. He also talks about using a 3 sized chunk of wood hanging from a piece of twine to use as a standoff-brilliant!
I also found several of my old planing appliances used on my last workbench. Most had dowels in them, I had to either cut them off or knock them out so I can use them on the Roubo. Here are a couple of them including a planing board I posted in my earlier update from today.

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Thanks Thor, I will be cutting/shaping/installing the new wood chop for the leg vise today. Really looking forward to see how it will work, I am sure it will be an improvement over the temporary chop I have on there now.

On my new bench even with the crisscross the leg vise chop swings a bit below the screw handle. It doesn’t bother me as this is a very old design, but on the bench that I made to build the roubo I fixed up an old leg vise screw and made wooden crisscross. I built up guides on the sides of the cross and it made the swing go away, on that bench tho, the legs were not flush with the table top.

-- CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!

I agree Steve, I am really enjoying hand planing on the bench, it doesn’t move at all. My old bench was not a hand tool work bench so the top was thin and not flat, the whole bench moved every time I hand planed on it.

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