My Roubo Bench Journey #34: Swiss Cheese...My Old Workbench

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Here are a couple of pics of my last workbench, not too pretty…
The old bench was too tall for hand work, too wide for hand work and most of the bench top was unusable since I couldn’t get to it, my old garage was way to small and way to over packed.

It is hard to see all the holes due to the stains, this bench also served as my assy and finishing bench. Once I get this new garage cleared out, I intend to build an assy bench that is higher then the Roubo. It won’t be anything fancy just utilitarian to keep the Roubo from looking like my old bench.

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LOL Brian, I left that workbench at our rental house in San Diego. I knew that would force me into building the Roubo bench I wanted instead of having the old one and saying, that I will “eventually” build the bench I really want. I did take the old face vise off the old bench and have installed on the Roubo as a tail vise. I built that old bench before I knew what I was doing or had gotten into hand tool work.

Thor, you are right, I made a lot of stuff on that bench.

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