Stanley 246 Miter Box Rehab #1: Nice Surprise and Assessing the Need

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I have been keeping an eye out for one of these for some time now. I stumbled across this baby at a garage sale this morning, only $10. I can’t wait to get started in rehabbing this, but a couple of other projects will come first.

I was very surprised at the condition of the unit. The saw has very little rust, is very straight and should clean up nicely. I am going to have to investigate how to get it looking new with out damaging the nameplate etching.

The handle was broken in 4 different places and has a screw down thru the middle of it, so the handle will be replaced at some point.

It has the original name plate but needs to be cleaned and brightened.

The miter box is missing some of the common parts that most of these boxes are missing: the stock guides, the length stop stand and rods, one of the pointed leveling screws and one of the adjustable spurs, but they can easily be replaced. I plan on disassembling the whole unit, replacing the wood bed, scrub it down, lube it and put it back in service.

  • Part 1: Nice Surprise and Assessing the Need

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Jack the miter box arrived today. Got it put together, but that is as far as I got today. Will work on it this weekend I hope. Again I want to thank you for your generosity. I assure you it will see a lot of use. Only been on this site a short time, but have met some really nice people. Look forward to many years here. Thanks.

Rick the miter box is on it’s way as of this morning, with a projected delivery date of April 9th. I took the saw posts off of the frame to make it easier to get in the box, but I put the screws that hold the posts back into the holes in the frame. It’s needs some work but I hope it is something you can use.

-- Jack

Thanks Douglas, after I saw that long saw on Pats box I figured someone had just did a substitution with mine. I’m going to mount it on a piece of plywood to make it more stable for shipping. Thanks guys.

-- Jack

Rick, I might have the correct sized saw for that Miter Box. I will check when I get back from vacation, if so, I will ship it to you since I won’t be using it.

And for my 246, I intend to mount it to a piece of plywood with a strip of wood on the side so I can clamp the whole assy in the leg vise when I use it.

Jack, that can’t be the original saw for that box, it is waaaay too short. You’d never be able to get more than a few inches in a stroke.

But to the OP, I’ve got a 246 and I love it. I paid $60 for mine and it was in about the same condition. You’re going to love it.

-- Douglas from Chicago -

Rick Stopher
1114 9th Ave
Fulton, IL 61252
Jack, you can rest assured I’ll be there to pay it forward. That is a great concept and should be used more often. Again thank you.

Mr. Stophers as soon as I find an appropriate box for shipping, I will get this thing headed you way by UPS. Most likely be the first of next week. I hope this will suitable for your use. I started to take it completely apart, clean and paint the frame but that is the fun in restoring something old so I will leave that to you. As far as how much shipping, let’s just do a pay it forward and the next time you see someone who needs a favor help them out.

-- Jack

Mr. Stophers you are welcome to miter box if you want it. That thing weighs in at 25 lbs. so I don’t know how or if it would worth the shipping. I will check on it at the first of the week and let you know. When I got it, I cleaned it up and put on a new maple board but it still needs some work.

-- Jack

Jack, thanks for the offer but I have an extra miter box that I will take parts from if necessary.

Jeff, rehabbing old tools is a lot of fun. I did a Stanley Type 11 #4 years ago and it is one of my favorite planes to use. I have several other planes and an old egg beater hand drill I am going to rehab. I just need to complete a couple of projects, then dedicate some time to tool rehabbing :0)

I give a lot of credit to all the individuals that recondition old tools. To be able to find the missing parts and the time to make the looking new. Very time consuming but it has to have a great reward in seeing the end product. Plus you just gained a quality tool that was built with quality in mind. Not like most of these tools of today. Way to go love it.

-- Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

Jack, if you are not going to use the miter box, would consider selling it. I used one about 20 years ago to put knotty cedar walls in a room and it never made a bad cut. Clean up was a lot easier than had I used a power miter saw.

Pat I found a Stanley Model 60MB miter box at the local Habitat for Humanity store for $10.00 also. (Must be the going price). If you see any parts, screws or other wise that you think would fit yours, let me know and I will mail them to you. I’m not using nor going to use mine and it is just sitting around.

-- Jack

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