Shaker End Table #5: Aprons Repaired and Completed

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So the first thing I did was to repair the tenon mistake from several days ago.

After the glue up, I continued cutting the tenons using the Skew Rabbetting Plane. Unfortunately, I found that the plane’s fence kept coming out of adjustment, no matter how much I tightened the locking screws. I had to readjust the fence after cutting each side of the tenon.

Next was to cut the tenon shoulder at the bottom of each tenon.

Then I undercut each tenon shoulder and test fit one at a time, some needed extra rabbetting, some needed the tenon shaved down and a couple needed a little extra cleanup of the mortise.

Next I dry fitted the side panels.

And finally dry fitted all three apron panels.

Overall, I am happy how the joints are fitting. Next is to mortise/tenon the lower front rail, dovetail in the upper front rail, then taper the four legs.

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Thanks guys.
Bruce in the past I have used a hand saw and hand planes or just hand planes, no power tools. I will probably use the hand saw to cut out most of the waste, then use the jointer plane to get to the line and then a couple of passes with the smoothing plane.

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