Shaker End Table #7: A Little Leg Work

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First up was to cut away the necessary waste from the tenons on the two side aprons to accommodate the front rails, now onto the legs.

The finished leg will only be 5/8" square at the bottom of each leg, so I marked out that square on the appropriate sides of the leg. Then measured down 1" from the bottom of the apron and used a straight edge to connect the two marks on the side of the leg. I mark up the two sides of the leg for the taper, so I can see my progress as I am hand planing the taper. I clamp the leg in the leg vise and use a rip saw to cut away most of the waste.

Then I switch over to the Jack Plane and take the taper to just above of the pencil line. Next I switch over to the Smoothing Plane and take it down to the finish line.

After finishing one side, I repeat the same measuring/marking process for the next side of the leg to get the taper. Then repeat the hand sawing/hand planing process and I get this.

And after three more legs, I get this.

And then a quick dry fit.

Next step is to lightly hand sand the legs and hand plane the aprons to get the color of the parts to match. Up to this point the apron sides have not been touched, so they are much darker than the legs. Then I will glue up the two side panels, followed by gluing up the back apron and front rails. While that is drying, I will start flattening, sizing and shaping the top.

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Jeff, no wonder you turn out all of the beautiful work you do, you have a great artist in you!
Thanks, that would be cool!
I’ll be posting the keepsake box I final Finished with that fantastic finishing wax
Jeff @ Woodconsign Woodworking! !

-- Steve Tow

Steve that mahogany is a actual background of a picture if you turn that so the black staining is on the bottom it actually looks like treetops and if you would leave the wood as it is the stration marks look like the rays of the Sun what I would do is doing inlay of a bird flying into the sun rays. Thats what I see with that wood in your picture

-- Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

Thanks Pat, I don’t know yet what I’m doing with the mahogany yet. I’m the type
that has to have the wood in front of him
first, then figure out what the inspiration is. Lol, I’ve bought up quite a bunch of very interesting wood over the winter, from that mahogany, and other exotic hardwoods to some beautiful domestic cherry, oak, black ash, green ash, and others, ie; I need a Bunch of inspiration LoL
take care

-- Steve Tow

Steve, that is nice looking stuff, definitely looks like what I have been using.
I used the plans from Woodworking Magazine, now defunct, Autumn 2004 issue. But it is a pretty basic Shaker design and you should be able to easily locate this one.

Hi Pat,
Is this African mahogany you use?

I just happen to have 2X 12/4 ×5’
And 2 x4/4 × 5’ pieces of African Mahogany I have been looking for a project for…..where did you get your plans from?
Steve Tow

-- Steve Tow

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