Craftisian Awards

Uncommon BOX

Entry: 01-25 Nov, 2022
Voting: 26-30 Nov, 2022
Results: 01 Dec, 2022

Computer Desk

Entry: 01-24 Apr, 2022
Voting: 25-01 May, 2022
Results: 01 May, 2022

Tool Storage

Entry: 01-24 Mar, 2022
Voting: 25-31 Mar, 2022
Results: 01 Apr, 2022

Giving the Gift of Boxes

Build a special box for a special someone and share the beauty and the inspiration with us, for this Winter Awards.

Entry: 01-24 Jan, 2017
Voting: 25-31 Jan, 2017
Results: 01 Feb, 2017


In partnership with Lee Valley Tools.

See the grain, slice the grain, re-glue the grain, creating a mirror-image (book-matched) piece of wood art that you use for a box, a door, a sculpture, or whatever your creative heart desires!

Show us your bookmatched creation for this Summer Awards.

Entry: 01-24 Jul, 2016
Voting: 25-31 Jul, 2016
Results: 01 Aug, 2016

Dovetail Joint

Living on the edge, with dovetail joints. It's time to get edgy and showcase your dovetail joinery. Whether the creation is big or small, it's all about the dovetails for this Awards event.

Entry: 01-24 Apr, 2016
Voting: 25-30 Apr, 2016
Results: 01 May, 2016

Making The Cut

We all can make the cut, for this Quarterly Awards, by creating the treasured, handmade cutting board. Whether large or small, simple or elegant in design, the cutting board is a must-have in every kitchen and a must-do by every woodworker.

Entry: 01-24 Jan, 2016
Voting: 25-31 Jan, 2016
Results: 01 Feb, 2016

Bits & Pieces

Show us your creations using those meticulously cut “bits and pieces” of wood and your marquetry and/or intarsia techniques. And, of course, we’d love to see some progress photos!

Entry: 01-24 Oct, 2015
Voting: 25-31 Oct, 2015
Results: 01 Nov, 2015

Backyard Bling

Your backyard is your oasis, so why not create something special, this summer, to enhance it, to celebrate it, to give it a little bling?! For this Summer Awards, create something special, big or small, for your backyard (or balcony, if that’s what you have).

Entry: 01-24 Jul, 2015
Voting: 25-31 Jul, 2015
Results: 01 Aug, 2015

Just Pallet Wood

From workhorse to cast-off: this is often the life of the common pallet - but not when it ends up in the hands of a woodworker! A woodworker transforms "just pallet wood" into something beautiful and/or useful! Be the change. Find an old pallet and work your magic!

Entry: 01-24 Apr, 2015
Voting: 25-30 Apr, 2015
Results: 01 May, 2015

The Joys of Toys

… of building them, giving them, and receiving them. This Awards celebrates the child in each of us by creating a wooden toy. Big or small, any wood, any woodworking style. Along with your creation post, we would love to hear about the joy you felt during the process!

Entry: 01-24 Jan, 2015
Voting: 25-31 Jan, 2015
Results: 01 Feb, 2015

Jewelry Box

Golds and silvers, chains and rings - where do you keep such beautiful things? In a jewelry box, of course. For this's Awards, create a wooden jewelry box, big or small, any wood, any woodworking style, and in the description provide a brief or in-depth look at the build process.

Entry: 01-24 Oct, 2014
Voting: 25-31 Oct, 2014
Results: 01 Nov, 2014


Woodworking is “CURVE-alicious” and the curvier the better .. well, at least for this Awards event it is! Take some wood, any type of wood, any amount of wood, and curve it up into something practical, artsy, practical-artsy, or artsy-practical. Let us know what your inspiration was and how you created the curves. Did you cut it? Carve it? Bend it? Sand it? Or ...? (A blog-like "how to" would be a great addition to your Awards entry: inquiring minds want to know!)

Entry: 01-24 Jul, 2014
Voting: 25-31 Jul, 2014
Results: 01 Aug, 2014

Glorious Grain

Wood grain is a vital part of wood and woodworking. It can also be highlighted in the artistry of a woodworking project, so show us your grain. Post a creation that uses wood grain in your artistic design. Please share your thoughts, in the project description, to tell us why and how you used the wood grain in your wood creation.

Entry: 01-24 Apr, 2014
Voting: 25-30 Apr, 2014
Results: 01 May, 2014