September Challenge: Post a new project for a chance to win
Let's make September an amazing month, rich with showcased crafted creations.   Everyone who posts a new project at in September will be entered into a draw, as a thank-you. One lucky winner will receive this wonderful resource, "Practi
We could stop here but I wanted a cap for the potion bottle. Using the white yarn, I made a circle: √ 6 sc in magic ring √ inc around = 12 √ [inc, sc] around = 18 √ [inc, sc, sc] around = 24 √ [inc, sc, sc, sc] around = 30 √ sc around in BLO to cre
The insert is complete... and now to make the outer bottle. I chose a deep red colour for my bottle, as it was leftover yarn that was sitting nearby. Again, it is Camilla 6/4 and a 2.0mm crochet hook. √ 6 sc in a magic ring (leaving a long tail fo
To keep the bottle of essential oil stable inside the potion bottle, I decided to make an insert to hold it. For the insert, I suggest using the same colour of yarn as the top half of the potion bottle.  Using white Camilla 6/4 yarn and a 2.0 mm cro