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Canada Day Quilting - Needleworking Project by Celticscroller

Canada Day Quilting

Tomorrow July 1st is Canada Day. In July 2017 we celebrated Canada’s 150th birthday. A local...

Piano Bench Cover - Needleworking Project by MsDebbieP

Piano Bench Cover

I had forgotten about this project, even though I walk past it every day! This HAPPY CANADA DAY...

Sliding Hatch and Doors - Woodworking Project by shipwright

Sliding Hatch and Doors

A friend is restoring a lovely old schooner and was in need of a new hatch and doors. He is...

Extra Kitchen Cabinet - Woodworking Project by Sheri Noble, woodworking at it’s finest!

Extra Kitchen Cabinet

Built this cabinet for a young lady that needed extra storage in her small kitchen. Solid pine,...

The Dream Desk - Woodworking Project by ZacBuilds

The Dream Desk

I spend a lot of time at my desk. It’s easily the most used piece of furniture in my house. Heck,...

Shop vacuum conversion - Woodworking Project by Steel60

Shop vacuum conversion

After purchasing a dust deputy I searched the web for ideas but there wasn’t anything available...

Desk with Lion Marquetry  - Woodworking Project by Dennis Zongker

Desk with Lion Marquetry

This is a desk I made for myself. I love lions so I decided to add marquetry to and asian style...

Dining Table with Carving & Marquetry - Woodworking Project by Dennis Zongker

Dining Table with Carving & Marquetry

This table I made a few years ago, it has an oak tree theme thought out the entire table. This...

shipwright Chevalet de Marqueterie - Tool by shipwright

shipwright Chevalet de Marqueterie

My chevalet allows me to cut marquetry that I could not dream of cutting with...

SuperMax by Performax 25" dual drum sander - Tool by Lightweightladylefty

SuperMax by Performax 25" dual drum sander

Does anyone hate sanding as much as I do? Actually, I don’t really mind...

WoodSkills Wooden Hand Plane - Tool by Norman Pirollo

WoodSkills Wooden Hand Plane

A few wood hand planes I use in my day to day woodworking. Although...

Hammer K3 Winner Panel Saw - Tool by Glaros Studios

Hammer K3 Winner Panel Saw

The saw is pretty good with solid woods as it has a 12" blade (4"depth of...

Spam from Julie Dave

william — Couldn’t find a place for this, received a message from the above and...

Design Help

horstbc — Hey everyone, I’m working on designing an entertainment center and have the...

Virtual Carving Show

Celticscroller — In these times of Covid-19 with the gathering of large crowds impossible...

I'm a student in need of some help :)

Hamerwolf — Hi all I’m new to this community and I’m taking an intro to carpentry and...

Q: Sliding Windows

MsDebbieP — I want to add some sliding glass (Windows) to my deck, so I don’t get wet...

Dining table finishes

Brian — Wife wants a dining table. I’m sketching it out. We discussed finishes. She...

My Cold Frames Journey

Back story… I haven’t really done any gardening for a few years, but, with the social distancing restrictions, I thought it was time to get back to growing and preserving. Here in Ontario, our spring time can be wonderful for growing veggies –...

Hand crafted lettering on new craft logos

It seems like it takes time to translate my vision into the website design. Plus I might be a perfectionist :) The advantage is that I am persistent until it feels right to me. What did I still miss? A touch of warmth, clear focus on the...

Woodworking on a Half-Shoestring #7: Refurbing a Harbor Freight Folding Trailer - Pre-Blog Inquiry

This week or next I will begin the process of refurbishing a Harbor Freight folding trailer I purchase several years back. Original Build Build State Before Disassembly All the wood I added on to make a staked side trailer has now been...

New finely crafted logo and design updates

New logo design has been inspired by the era of traditional crafts. It has a vintage yet modern feel to it and it sits boldly in the center of the header area. I even added two supporting texts to it: “CRAFTED WITH PASSION” and “AUTHENTIC...

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