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Off center turning

munchy asked about 2 months ago

Jeff Moore

Favorite pattern - Project by Jeff Moore
One more weave - Project by Jeff Moore
Cherry box - Project by Jeff Moore

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Craftisian: New Everything

AWESOME NEWS! I’ve launched a brand new version of Craftisian website yesterday. Nothing has been left untouched! There are new project pages, blogs with featured pictures, beautiful profile...

Introducing Craftisian Q&As

Today, Craftisian becomes a place to ask any and all craft questions, seek help and share knowledge. Each question you ask is presented in a beautiful functional design and is fully...

Craftisian Interviews #2: Norman Pirollo

Q: When you first started working with wood, what was your inspiration/goal? My former career was in hi-tech, the computer industry to be specific. Although I embraced the fast-paced challenges,...

Craftisian Interviews #1: ZacBuilds

Q: When you first started working with wood, what was your inspiration/goal? My first projects were mostly projects of necessity. I needed a new desk, I had a hard time finding one that I liked...

Your Projects Deserve The Best

YOUR ULTIMATE PROJECT PAGE IS HERE After a massive redesign of the project page, the presentation of your projects on Craftisian is second to none. Large Images Image gallery in the...

Army truck #10: Fenders

This is a serie about making a army truck The sequence of photos will be gronological, with doeing this I hope to make my working method more clear. This means that the order is not corresponding...