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Each side of the feet has a dado to accept a spacer that ultimately helps keep the struts equally spaced and parallel with each other.  I want the outer face of the spacer to be roughly even with the outer face of the struts once they're installed, so
Boys and Girls, Lately I have been taking more notice of workshops than actual projects and have acclimatised myself to getting canned for my choice of Fe$tool.     I no longer have this issue (about to be revealed), as I have upgraded all my shop
Boys and Girls,   Here I go again, echoing another one of my tips migrated from my Lumberjocks publication on 28th. Jan 2020.   Pick your 🏴‍☠️(poison): • If you don’t own a vacuum cleaner with a perspex dust holder, say goodbye. • If you are unhappily
Boys and Girls,   Hands up all those people that haven’t used double sided tape… hmmm, as I look around in my office, I just don’t see any hands up.   Hands up those that have had issues with trying to peel off the backing of double sided tape… hmmm,

How to Sell Your Custom Wood Projects

[Hand-made-furniture-concept--.jpg] Most people have no idea how enormous the United States industry for carpentry is. The numbers show that peopl...
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How to Get Into Woodworking

[Carpenter-working-with-electri.jpg] Though most woodworkers are hobbyists, statistics show that woodworkers could earn $51,598 on average. Showin...
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Here's What You Need to Customize Your Workbench

There are approximately 238,000 professional woodworkers in the U.S., according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of course, the line between amat...
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How to Prepare for a Woodworking Project

Did you know that there are more than 3,000 woodworkers in the United States? Those are woodworkers who work in the industry itself. But what about...
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