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Character swept head Oak double doors - Woodworking Project by william

Character swept head Oak double doors

Met the clients earlier this year and they had just brought a lovely 16th century stone house in...

Oak Laundry Cabinets - Woodworking Project by Lightweightladylefty

Oak Laundry Cabinets

I can check another project off my to-do list! These oak cabinets are installed above the washer...

Anti-gravity table - Woodworking Project by Angelo

Anti-gravity table

Rainy day nothing better to do!!!!

"Windswept Tree" Railing - Metalworking Project by Glaros Studios

"Windswept Tree" Railing

An organic guardrail and handrail from a 3 or 4 years ago. I was experimenting with different...

Copper Rose and Vase - Metalworking Project by Dark_Legacy

Copper Rose and Vase

I’ve worked metal (when I can) for many years as a hobby. I do a lot more wood working, though. I...

Resilience - Metalworking Project by Glaros Studios


This was my very first metal piece. I had just picked up a welder and created this piece as way...

New finely crafted logo and design updates

New logo design has been inspired by the era of traditional crafts. It has a vintage yet modern feel to it and it sits boldly in the center of the header area. I even added two supporting texts to it: “CRAFTED WITH PASSION” and “AUTHENTIC...

Hand crafted lettering on new craft logos

It seems like it takes time to translate my vision into the website design. Plus I might be a perfectionist :) The advantage is that I am persistent until it feels right to me. What did I still miss? A touch of warmth, clear focus on the...

My Cold Frames Journey

Back story… I haven’t really done any gardening for a few years, but, with the social distancing restrictions, I thought it was time to get back to growing and preserving. Here in Ontario, our spring time can be wonderful for growing veggies –...

Woodworking on a Half-Shoestring #6: Creamer and Sugar Bowl Carrier - Build Progress

With the workshop mostly reorganized, I’ve started to get at projects already started and on my To-Do list. A simple project I had been putting off was a small carrier for our Nortake creamer and sugar bowl set. The design is similar to the one...

Spam from Julie Dave

Couldn’t find a place for this, received a message from the above and replied but received no answer, did get a reply from a member of this group saying they received the same message, could be harmless but who knows, thought you all should know ! Take care, William.

Design Help

Hey everyone, I’m working on designing an entertainment center and have the basic design ready but am having a hard time figuring out details for a face frame or the legs/base. Hoping some of you more experienced woodworkers might have made something similar before and have suggestions. I’ve been searching for ideas online but must be searching for the wrong things. The cabinets will be painted and the top will be solid boards joined together and stained dark. Since I’m terribly out of...

Virtual Carving Show

In these times of Covid-19 with the gathering of large crowds impossible Richmond Carvers Association came up with a way of having their annual carving show virtually. 120 carvers from all over took part with 265 carvings being submitted. The results are posted on their website: http://richmondcarvers.com/2020-carving-show/. Virtual ribbons were given to the winners.There are 34 pages of amazing carvings to browse through. Well worth a look.

I'm a student in need of some help :)

Hi all I’m new to this community and I’m taking an intro to carpentry and cabinetry class at Central Texas College (Fort Leonard Wood Campus). I’ve been searching the web for plans to build a gun cabinet for my class project but all I’ve found are finished projects, which are great inspiration, but don’t really help me in the way of dimensions and quantity materials needed. I’m just looking for someone to point me in the right direction for some plans for some gun cabinets so I can get...