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Blanket chest - Project by Vettekidd97
Bowling alley desk - Project by Vettekidd97
Honey dippers - Project by Vettekidd97

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Fumed utility table in American Oak and recycled English Oak and walnut - Project by Chinwagfurniture
Wall Cabinet - Project by Norman Pirollo
Sassafras Dining Table - Project by Coal River Workshop

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Introducing Powerful Search Engine & Toolbar

Craftisian is growing and it’s not a trivial task to navigate 4k+ projects, 1k+ blogs and 750+ forum topics anymore. Brand new Craftisian contextual search toolbar makes it much easier to search...

Introducing Craftisian Courses

Start selling your courses on Craftisian Exciting times… Craftisian is inviting all aspiring as well as thriving craft course creators to start selling their courses directly on...

Introducing Project Collections

Craftisian Collections are an awesome new way to collect and group projects for your inspiration, ideas or showcase. You can add any project (not just yours) to a single or multiple...

Introducing Craftisian Q&As

Today, Craftisian becomes a place to ask any and all craft questions, seek help and share knowledge. Each question you ask is presented in a beautiful functional design and is fully...

Craftisian: New Everything

AWESOME NEWS! I’ve launched a brand new version of Craftisian website yesterday. Nothing has been left untouched! There are new project pages, blogs with featured pictures, beautiful profile...

Craftisian Interviews #2: Norman Pirollo

Q: When you first started working with wood, what was your inspiration/goal? My former career was in hi-tech, the computer industry to be specific. Although I embraced the fast-paced challenges,...