Monthly Book Giveaway - December 2022
Boys and Girls, Lately I have been taking more notice of workshops than actual projects and have acclimatised myself to getting canned for my choice of Fe$tool.     I no longer have this issue (about to be revealed), as I have upgraded all my shop
Boys and Girls,   Here I go again, echoing another one of my tips migrated from my Lumberjocks publication on 28th. Jan 2020.   Pick your 🏴‍☠️(poison): • If you don’t own a vacuum cleaner with a perspex dust holder, say goodbye. • If you are unhappily
Boys and Girls,   Hands up all those people that haven’t used double sided tape… hmmm, as I look around in my office, I just don’t see any hands up.   Hands up those that have had issues with trying to peel off the backing of double sided tape… hmmm,
Boys and Girls,   Another tip I published on LJ back in 9th. Oct, 2019.  To supplement it I created this video, It seemed to be relatively popular making me thing it may have provided some useful information.  If that is true, it’s what prompted me


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Auxilliary table saw fence

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Whatcha drinking?

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pottz patio and garden

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A Foolish Push Stick

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