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Okay. In the last installment I noted that a glued up drawer front / sides piece went kinda 'parallelogram' on me overnight. To affect a repair, I brushed water in each of the front corner joints and set it on the shop heater to warm it up thoroughly.
So I pushed one of the unfinished drawers into it's place in the cabinet and couldn't get it out without help. And that help was installation of a drawer pull. [Image] With one put into place, an executive decision was reached to install all eight.
This cabinet is essentially a crate with wood-frame exoskeleton and hinged door. Dimensions were set because the crate is what it is… The depth of the cabinet was somewhat variable. My version sets the framing forward of the crate walls to define the
Hi all, it's great to see so many people from LumberJocks coming to Craftisian and joining our site. Welcome! I am well aware of the recent abrupt changes on LJ. They have been unfortunate to say the least. But because they essentially killed what ma