September Challenge: Post a new project for a chance to win

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Let's make September an amazing month, rich with showcased crafted creations.   Everyone who posts a new project at in September will be entered into a draw, as a thank-you. One lucky winner will receive this wonderful resource, "Practi
Craftisian Awards are back after 5 years. We held the latest "Giving the Gift of Boxes" Awards in January of 2017 with the 15 awesome entries. Now, we are relaunching the revamped Craftisian Awards in a new monthly format. There is no designated jury
[7E5AB7BE-2DFE-4419-98BB-D0DA182B52E3.png]Years ago my aunt gave me this old church pew for Rick to cut up for birdhouses. I just couldn’t do it - I couldn’t cut up the history or this amazing piece of wood.  It has sat inside my house, not really be
I have been wanting to make a wooden geared clock for some time now and I finally got around to buying some plans for one. I bought them from a German named Christopher Blasius from his website Holzmechanik (wood mechanic). Reducing the fear factor I
Dear friends, I am in the unfortunate situation that I have macular degeneration. I cannot see, wood, inches and centimeters anymore. Therefore I believe my woodworking days are over. I want to say thanks too all my friends and foe on this site for 10
I have just had the joy of teaching short courses in Traditional Wooden Boatbuilding and Wooden Boat Restoration.  Each course 5 days long at the Boat Building Academy in Lyme Regis, UK.  7 and 9 students respectively.  We covered tool sharpening, woo
2nd Todays Work Materials were prepared for the frame cutouts. The 18mm (a little less than3/4") birch this time. There wasn’t enough space to cut the half platters so the table saw was used as a work table to cut off what I needed with my saber saw.
Fibonacci gauges you will get the point. Hi again Craftisan’s. In the last part we made gouge arm points, yes jigs and . So this blog starts with us cutting on the table saw, this time exactly on the mark we made for the lengths. Again in a batch, wit
Fibonacci gauges for the joy of beauty… Hi Craftisan’s. Last week I were going to post a small blog, about a Fibonacci gauge I made ten years ago, but never posted anywhere on the internet – but then I thought hmmmmmmmmm, why not make a new one, why n
Fibonacci gauges finally the screws arrived. Hi again again Craftisan’s. Now we can call it done, the screws took some time time to arrive and I helped my brother build an IKEA kitchen in the weekend, don’t worry, I’ll not share that as a project, eve
Fibonacci gauges rivets, branding and more… Hi again Craftisan’s. In the last part we finished the build of the first one, while we are waiting for the screws to arrive. In this part we will be testing it, branding, playing and I’ll show alternative w
Fibonacci gauges making the arms. Hi again Craftisan’s. In the last part ended with ready made gauge arms, so we will go from there. We have the long arms lined up here, with the drill bit going through to hold the aligned. One gauge in Walnut, two in