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Let's make September an amazing month, rich with showcased crafted creations.   Everyone who posts a new project at in September will be entered into a draw, as a thank-you. One lucky winner will receive this wonderful resource, "Practi
Craftisian Awards are back after 5 years. We held the latest "Giving the Gift of Boxes" Awards in January of 2017 with the 15 awesome entries. Now, we are relaunching the revamped Craftisian Awards in a new monthly format. There is no designated jury
[7E5AB7BE-2DFE-4419-98BB-D0DA182B52E3.png]Years ago my aunt gave me this old church pew for Rick to cut up for birdhouses. I just couldn’t do it - I couldn’t cut up the history or this amazing piece of wood.  It has sat inside my house, not really be
I have been wanting to make a wooden geared clock for some time now and I finally got around to buying some plans for one. I bought them from a German named Christopher Blasius from his website Holzmechanik (wood mechanic). Reducing the fear factor I