The mechanism works as follows – It’s really just a couple of blocks as a base, and the leg pivots using a dowel, this is a kind of berring. Notice that the leg is placed off center to the top? The leg is attached closer to the edge of the top that has the bottle opening, allowing the weight of the round top to pivot and fall down towards the two glasses holes of the top. When you put the bottle in it actually rests on the notch in the leg, and any glass put in the other holes helps keep it opened, even tho the offset of the round wood keeps it open. On the edge of the notch I put a screw to keep the top folded when moving moving the assembly. Their is also a screw on the top of the leg to adjust the level of the top when it is deployed.

CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!