David L.

It’s fun to look back at our early work and also how we evolved in our finishing. When I first started, I used a lot of tung oil, but once I started spraying lacquer finishes in my business, I pretty much strayed away from some of the traditional hand finishes. (shame on me!).


Thanks for the compliment, but the imperfections where plentiful on this one. I learned a real lesson on patience when sanding from this first project. I like seeing the tooling marks though, reminds me where I started and how I’ve worked hard to improve on every project.


Thanks, Over the years I’ve built a number of projects for my parents and has always been very rewarding for me, simply because of their support.

The hardest, most challenging, stressful, yet most meaningful projects I’ve ever done was when my mother wanted me to do my father’s Urn and expected me to do her’s also when the time came.

To date; I’ve been asked to do the Urn’s for my best friend(our Methodist Minister), my brother, my wife, my father and my mother. I would like to think all my projects come from the heart, but nothing like those special ones.

John @The Hufford Furniture Group