Back when I was in school, the “Industrial Arts” classes where looked down upon and considered for students " that weren’t college bond", so I took both business courses and Industrial Arts (wood shop, metal shop and mechanical drawing) during my high school years, but none of my teachers or career advisors ever suggested that if I combined the two, I might be able to make a career in woodworking.

I had to figure that one out by myself. I’m glad I took the route I did, because the experience and training I recieved working for the other man for the next 15 years proved to be very benificial when it came to starting my own business.

I’ve enjoyed 28 years owning and operating my custom woodworking business and it’s been very good to me. I retired the company in 2012 and moved to Florida this year and have been busy writing a book, trying to help other woodworkers and working on the home we bought.

John @The Hufford Furniture Group