Thanks for the comments guys and I am happy you enjoy the handles and the inspiration .
I love natural shapes and they can be found everywhere just takes a little adaptation and stylizing .
lanwater ….
The handle is made from a top and bottom piece of walnut and the centre is little strips of maple that are the same thickness as the scratcher shaft .
I make up a sandwich and cut and shaped the handle with the bandsaw rasps ,files , sandpaper ETC. before attaching it to the shaft .
The cross medallion is actually a 25mm button that is glued in and is housed in a tight 25mm hole creating a pressure fit .
I made the bit for this from a 1" spade bit by ginding it until I had a 24.9mm hole .
There is one special local wood I used in the handle on the right in the first picture and it is called BUTTER MILK PINE and I am very found of it because of its unusual look .
I have made a box from this and given it to the owner of the sawmill where I get this wood and they could not believe that it was a wood that they sell .