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Thanks for the compliment but, it’s not nearly the same Gary. A gazebo is basic carpentry. I did some math on a piece of cardboard and built it. This type of woodworking is a completely different animal.

That’s where I went wrong the first time. I just hacked the wood to size right off the bat and suffered the consequences. I’ve since learned that this isn’t carpentry, it’s woodworking. In carpentry, if something doesn’t fit, I’ll whack it off with the chop saw. In woodworking, if something doesn’t fit, I’ll carefully trim it with a razor sharp chisel and pray I don’t screw it up.

My prayers have pretty much gone unanswered.

Thanks again for the compliment on the gazebo. It is unique. The wife couldn’t decide if she wanted solid sides or balusters, so I gave her both. After seeing it, she wanted window boxes hung off the solid sides. I think it really sets it off. She puts hanging baskets over the baluster sides with wind chimes and hummingbird feeders over the window boxes. It’s a very nice place to sit in the summer.

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