re: 52-36 Piano box

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Thank you for all the kind comments and questions .

Here are the answers to the questions
The size is 11" W x 4" H x 10 1/2" D
The keyboard is made up of 52 pieces of maple 4mm wide that are glued to a backing strip and then I cut the slots for the black keys which are 1.9mm wide and glued in the black keys .
The seperation line of the white keys is cut with a small pull saw .
A lot of work but well worth it in the end as I wanted the box to appear like the real thing .
The curves where the main object that steered me to this project and my wife and I both like the look of the grand piano and my wifes family piano went to her sister so now she has a piano again .
I will try to do a blog on the build and explain the process but bear with with me .
I may also try to build a left handed version as I became aware that there is such a piano .