re: Getting started

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I spent several hours in the shop today. Took some time to tune up the miter saw since the cross-cut sled needs re-squared now that I finally got the table saw blade aligned with the slot. I didn’t have any plywood big enough to do the 5 cut method; maybe tomorrow.

I was originally going to use hand cut dovetails for the sewing box, but after several attempts on practice wood I am abandoning that idea. Instead I think I’m going to go with splined miters. I really wanted dovetails, but that’s life.

I did get some of the ash planed down to 3/4 today. That’s going to be the bottom box. I want it heavier because that’s where the handle will attach and this looks to be one heavy sewing box.

Tomorrow I’m off to the mill again. I think walnut will make nice splines. I also need some cherry. Maybe I’ll get some pics posted tomorrow.

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