I’m in a similar quandary. Awhile back , before assembling my larger shop equipment, I built a bench attached to the wall. One section has a compound 12" sliding miter saw. The last section was to double as a sheet goods support when cutting on my old belt driven Craftsman. I’ve since bought and refurbished a grizzly cabinet saw ( different height..LOL!) I’m putting every large piece of shop equipment on dollies. Repurposed the third section of my bench into a woodworkers hybrid bench. did well save my idea for wheels on the bench. The bench is against the wall right now. Need time to figure out how to make it functionally mobile.
Grizzly sells dollies. I have one of them on my cabinet saw, and one on my band saw. Made one for my floor stand drill press ( not too mobile?).

You can get layout planners on line to lay out the work patterns but sometimes that changes in a small shop?

Best of luck on your path to enlightenment. My wife says “You need to work on a furniture piece as well as the shop?” she is right in this suggestion otherwise I’ just a shop junkie. LOL!

Thomas J. Tieffenbacher/aka docSavage45