I've never been one to blow trumpets for birthdays and after all Christmas is supposed to celebrate a birthday, though there is a tendency to put that in the back seat of our driving forces.

However, that doesn't preclude me from appreciating the camaraderie I have acquired here at Craftisian and the interaction with fellow members over the past few months. I appreciate your friendship and candour and thoroughly enjoyed the banter over some somewhat inane revelations. The skills exhibited are well worth filling away in that part of the brain that alcohol cannot erase.

So to all you Crafties and esses… I'll have a vino or two for you over the next few weeks and hope to continue our woodworking intimacy for another 12 months in 2023.

 commented about 7 hours ago

You giving me the BOOT Dutchy?
Vrolijk en gelukkig voor jou en de familie.

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD