Thanks for the post – that is, getting the Forum involved. There are many of us out here that are asked, or offer, to take on a build; and are then both a bit dumbfounded and terrified when the client says yes…

First, I’m glad to see you’ve gone metric – I made the switch two years ago, and have never looked back. On purchased plans everything is still imperial; however, when I design a project, I do it in metric.
Accentuating the positives: MDF provides a more dimensionally stable and consistent workpiece machining (many natural wood will vary from board to board, due to grain and proximity to the Tree center; and will finish well with paint (choose your paint wisely; you may need a good primer…)). One downside is that MDF will not hold screws as well.
Let us know how you handle the joinery: I moved to Festool Dominos several years ago, and it’s my go-to solution.
You’ve factored in your work-time and materials costs – without getting specific about things, how did you estimate this (I can never bring myself to charge a decent charge-out rate; and true be told, I probably work at about $2/hr, due to my own inefficiencies). In my own builds, my materials waste is about 20% waste – is this a metric you track?
Also, is this within you normal wheelhouse? I’ve completed many casework projects: blanket chests, book cases, entertainment centers; and have recently branched into Rocking Chairs and ‘contemporary’ music racks – meaning that I’m learning skills at expensive hardwood prices, along with the need for perfect Templates.
So…, let us know.