You are the king of blog post that suck Ducky!

Sorry about the back and arm issues. That also really sucks. We all need to ambulate and reduce tree populations.

These are interesting alone for their size. I can sand bigger parts by just placing them on a cheap yoga mat to keep them from moving, but small stuff has issues.

I have the same vacuum pot, but my hardware is brass. Looks like you upgraded to the nickel plated, pure vanity I tell ya!

What was your issue with the Cactus Juice? I had no problems using it in my vacuum pot. Trick was getting enough depth to submerge the bits, but using my assortment of plastic containery, favorite being the lid to a spindle of 100 CDRs, I can minimize the extra space to fill and makes cleanup a breeze.

As always, great info and insight, You Suck! 🤠