Thanks for the nice comments everybody.  It's appreciated. This unit was a lot of work.

Duck, The slides are typical Movento undermount drawer guides made by Blum. 
They have a mechanism that snaps onto them  "called tip on" that make them push to open along with the soft close feature. 
The small front rod is a synchronization rod that lets both side actuate at the same time so that the latches don't get out of sync with each other. 

There is also a stabilization kit that goes on the back that has a track and gear with a rod that ties them to each other. This keeps both sides tracking the same so that the wide drawer stays straight going in and out.Here is a closer pic of the hardware,  (it's all I got of it). 

Drawers have 1/2" bottoms glued in on all sides,  they're stout enough to hold whatever they put in them.

Thanks again everybody

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