Gotta agree with the crowd, bought he tree.

 ..... That left the Incra with the gazillion options and templates......
Interesting... never tried the Incra LS.

 I used the laser to cut and shape the sides, 
How thick? I presume it was spindle sanded for clean up.

 ....Before the laser etch, I covered the wood with blue painters tape....  then a few passes through the drum sander until the remaining tape could be peeled off..... 
How deep did you etch?  I've always found that sanding off blue tape was a PITA and often blew through... though I always used a ROS and never considered the drum.... maybe double sided tape on my small pieces.

 translated to Welsh to keep it baffling. To further mix it up I used the originals Celtic knot heart and an Irish font. 
and probably bought by a Pom... no wonder they're bloody tea drinkers!

If your first cut is too short... Take the second cut from the longer end... LBD