I only started what I’d consider real woodworking a couple years ago. I haven’t had any formal training, and don’t have any living family members that did woodworking for a living to help guide me. The last “cabinet maker” in my family died in the 1930’s (my great grandfather). As such, learning has been very slow going, and has been mostly through making mistakes. Many, many mistakes. Though, the people I work with seem to like what I do enough to pay me for building certain things here and there. A friends son hired me to build his kitchen cabinets back in October, so I started a business to get better deals on supplies and such, and I still work my day job (boring). I’d love to make a living doing this, but in order to do so, I need ALOT more experience, and need to be quicker. I’m about to install the kitchen this weekend finally. Yes, I started in October…it is now almost May….Granted, I had to wait three months for a payment, so its not all me, but I’m just not fast enough. Trying to do this as a side business, and be a father to three sons and husband to a very understanding and patient wife is next to impossible. I’m thankful for the opportunity, as it has really made me think twice about making a go of this as a full time career. How much money can I make doing woodworking?…lets just say I’m not going to quit my day job.