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Old Tools, restoring/reworking #1: Stanley #31 with shop made fence


This is part 1 in a 5 part series: Old Tools, restoring/reworking

  1. Stanley #31 with shop made fence
  2. Millers Falls No. 14 Jack
  1. Millers Falls No. 709

I picked this jointer up over a year ago.

Disassembled, cleaned and a BLO bath. Left it to dry good and stabilize before flattening the sole.

The metal was in decent shape, so a wire wheel and paint was in order. Did a little repair on the tote, Here is the finished plane.

I made a fence also for perfect 90 degrees when jointing.

How was the mouth on this plane? I have an old Auburn 22in Birch Jointer that I flattened the sole on, but had to be very careful not to over do the flattening, as the act of flattening will open the mouth and affect the efficiency and narrowness of the shavings you can produce.


The mouth opening is about 1/8" right on the edge of needing some help but I’m not going to do anything until have to. I have some beech from an old donor plane to make a patch when the time comes. I was lucky on this one, removed the most wood from the toe and heel.

Tim looks like this dog will hunt. Nice work.

Thanks Dave, compared to some of the woody’s you have brought back its more like a spring chicken :-)

Wow Tim, that is great! The mouth on my old Auburn is now a bit more than that, but still useable as well after running it across my powered jointer to flatten the sole.


Tim, Great idea. I may need to do this on my Sargent 3420.

Mike, Have you considered gluing in a small shim on the ramp to reduce the enlarged opening after flattening the sole? It shifts the blade forward a bit and you may need to file the throat a bit.