Up To Snuff Cigar Box Puzzle

I do love boxes, the mystery ever present as to what is in them, hmmm.

I also really enjoy finding interesting boxes to upgrade into puzzle boxes.  The way I see it, this way I don't have to begin with making the box itself, but get right into retrofitting an existing one.

When I find these brand new and empty cigar boxes at cigar shops I usually get them for a donation to the local Humane Society, seems like a good trade. 

I might have went over board with all the intensity happening inside but it was fun.

When I completely fill an interior like this I call this level of mechanics a 'Stem to Stern' design.  Some puzzle boxes are left with useable space inside, I am too much of a rebel for that it seems, ha.

Hmm, what kind of box will I find next?

~ Mystery by Design ~

Kel, that is neat. I see some of the internal workings, but I am sure I'm missing something. Looks like you have one of those devious minds.

Main Street to the Mountains

Hey thanks Eric, ya, still lots hidden from view. 

Devious? …maybe, …might have had a younger brother always getting into my stuff, lol, necessity really is the mother of invention.  Then I found that there was a market for it, life changing moment.  🙏

~ Mystery by Design ~