restore wood plane

after cleaning & stripping, had "all" parts zinc plated.  now using original japanning recipe re-painting.
really nice restore !  you need to check out the forum (lets talk planes) all the plane geeks are on there. they will love you man. i think your gonna fit in real well here bud.

working with my hands is a joy,it gives me a sense of fulfillment,somthing so many seek and so few find.-SAM MALOOF.

Aside from looking really nice, seems like a great solution if you live in a humid area.
Looks better than new. I wouldn’t paint it black if that’s what you meant. Unless the zinc won’t last. 

If I can ask. How much did it cost to have it plated?
zinc plating lasts if correctly done. cost depends on volume of work, that is the number of pieces.  I part numbered each one & gave overall dimensions about a hundred for correct plating on 4-6 planes & drills.   Japanning sticks good & brings piece back to its orginal condition with no chance of future wear or rust for storing parts in basement or garage. after painting, I stick in toaster oven to harden. Kinda smelly stuff!!!   Fun winter hobby project.
Ok, got it Jim. I wish the plane manufactures did what you did. There would be a lot less rusted planes around. Nice work. Toast your frozen pizza before you bake on your Japanning. 😊 
Actually Stanley did zinc plate & applied japanning  some of their vintage tools…. Wish I could have seen their operation.  Also, planes they built during wwII had more metal since their (regular) craftsmen went to war.  New hires lacked skill set to grind & sand effective & efficiently.