Wooden Seashell


I made this sea shell out of pine .I intended to make it out of oak . Since I never done one before I thought I would make a proto type . Well believe it or not it took a 2″ × 6″ × 8′ {yes 8’} to make this 6″ × 6″ sell . There are 32 pcs to this project and more sanding than I expected .Also I was using some 3M super 77 spray glue on another project. The pcs stuck together so fast I decided to use it. Well as you can imagine it is glued together in sections and the the inside is sanded using a dremel tool.So now it is all assembled and it is time to sand the outside using desk top belt sander. Well to my surprise as I am sanding the outside the heat from the sander made the glue fail. I had to glue it bake together with wood glue in 12 of the 32 joints . Made the base out of walnut . I gave this one to my wife for her Birthday . She really likes it .


It’s an interesting form, well done.

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unique, very interesting alright you did a good job.

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