Tie hanger

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Oak scraps from my daughter’s buffet, a recycled metal hook from a broken plastic hanger, add a few splines, recycled dowels from a few Cokies by Design gifts, add some wooden beads created this hanger to hold some of my ties.

Used a slot cutter on a router table to cut splines for the hanger frame.
Drilled holes about 1 inch apart along the bottom rail of the frame.
The recycled metal hook was re-threaded by hand with a die to make it into a fairly good screw.
After washing and sanding by hand, the dowels were cut to size about 4 inches.
Made a simple jig to hold a bead an clamped it to a bench-top drill press and drilled out the hole to the size of the dowels.
Manual sanded the ends of the dowels finished the fitting to the bead.

-- Bob


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