The Sleeping Pill

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My buddy had a b-day last week and he is obsessed with fishing. So before his party I made this fish whacker, its made out of oak and maple. I can’t take credit for the name ‘The Sleeping Pill’ but I liked it so much I had to go with it. His initials are JW and I put that on the top of it, the font is call A Dripping Marker, so it’s suppose to look like that, not a mistake! Its a whopper though.

Been using my lathe quite a bit lately, it’s getting kind of addicting, making things round is a lot of fun!

I'm in psychoville and Finkle's the mayor!

Haha, I like your Sleeping Pill ;)

-- Michal,

I like that a lot. Great idea!

Love it! This projects speaks to my favorite past times; woodworking and fishing. The wife not so much. We chartered a boat in Alaska to fish, on our first catch the skipper pulled out the sleeping pill…thought my wife was going to pass out. Oh yea, we kept the fish and enjoyed every morsel.


whoa glad I’m not a fish. Nice work.

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