Handcut Dovetail

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This is my first attempt at handcut dovetails….

It is over now- you are addicted!!!!

Way to go! They are so cool, and look better than those cut by machines.

Hand fitted joints are what set a craftsman and others apart. Great job keep at it and learning.


Remember they always seem to get better with practice! After a couple of hundred/thousand, mine almost look that good!

nicely done. I just built a tool cabinet for my shop with eight drawers. I rarely have an opportunity to cut dovetails, so to get some practice I decided to construct all the drawers using dovetails. The practice really helps both with the accuracy and the speed. There was a noticeable difference between drawer 1 and drawer 8. Tails or pins first?

I cut the tail first…

The more you do the better you get,good work.

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