Trout Nets


A few nets I made. The three together were made of some sort of tropical hardwood. I believe the boards were from some shipping containers. The single one is made of walnut, white ash and birdseye maple for the handle.

Very nice!!! I hope they serve you well in the water. Congrats, they look really good.

Good friends, good beer, good times.

Nice work.. Let’s see some fish…………..

Very beautiful. I have never thought of making one with wood, until now! Thanks for posting. I will be sure to give this a go before trout season opens up. Well done.

CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!

WOW, I saw these and I just was in awe. Both myself and son love fishing. So I’m going to ask how difficult was it? How would you rate novice, middle of the road or experienced? Did you have plans if so where from? Where did you get the nets from? And what finish did you use?
I ask you these questions because I truly want to make one for myself but especially one for my sons 18th birthday. I know this is something that he could use with the pride of his father made it for him.

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"


I would say a novice could make one with a table saw, jig saw and sanders. Look on youtube for some videos of making nets. You will pick up some good ideas there. I cut 6 strips a little less than 1/8" thick. I steam them for about 1/2 hr and wrap them around a form to dry. I found that glueing 2 strips at a time is less stressful than trying to glue all 8. I used spray on spar varnish for the finish. I got the nets from I used braided fishing line to string the nets on. I also made a small jig to cut the groove around the outside so the line used to string the net on is recessed and has less chance of being abraded and breaking.
Hope this helps and good luck making your own!


These are wonderful,outstanding work .

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