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Hey everyone, I’m working on designing an entertainment center and have the basic design ready but am having a hard time figuring out details for a face frame or the legs/base. Hoping some of you more experienced woodworkers might have made something similar before and have suggestions. I’ve been searching for ideas online but must be searching for the wrong things.

The cabinets will be painted and the top will be solid boards joined together and stained dark. Since I’m terribly out of practice on larger projects, I’m going with paint for the modern style and the fact that it helps cover the many mistakes I’m sure I’ll make. What I can’t figure out is how to design the face frame top line up with the two center posts and the middle shelf as well as the bottom. Should the bottom rail drop below the bottom sheet of plywood and then the legs stick out from under there or would it be more typical to make that bottom rail thinner than the rest of the frame so it’s like an extension of the 3/4” sheet?

I know there’s no one right way to do anything in design, but I just want something that looks normal and doesn’t make the rest of the design look strange. Any ideas you have would be much appreciated! (And hopefully my question makes sense)


I see in your design that you have the doors with very little spacing between them… in such a design you do not need a face frame. If you use a plywood for the case parts you just need to cover the edges wit iron on tape or with glued on 1/4" solid materials.
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you asked 4 months ago,, you’ve probably already built this by now..

Karl F Newman