Q&A: Barrister style door - Will it bind?

I am designing a microwave cabinet for our office, and decided to go with a barrister bookcase style door in one section. I stole the design for the door guides from the April 2007 issue of popular woodworking. I have a concern that pressure will be place on one side of the door more than another when opening, which could cause it to bind. Does anyone have any experience with this style door? If so, any advice on a method to reduce or eliminate the possibility of binding without adding any expensive hardware? Or do you think I’m over thinking it? I plan on using beeswax to reduce the friction between the dowels and dado, which should help a little.

Here is a rendering of the cabinet

And this shows the guide system. just a dowel in the door, used as a pivot point, which rides in a dado in the side of the cabinet.

Thanks for any suggestions!